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Something to do with Wild Carrot

Wild Carrot roots     WILD CARROT & BEEF STEW

Wild carrots look nothing like the domesticated variety, as you can see from the picture. These roots are from 1st year plants [wild carrot is a biennial], and they are thin, and white in colour.


Wild Carrot & Beef Stew


Carrots scraped clean of side roots, then gently boiled for a few minutes. Meanwhile, onion fried until softened, then removed from pan. Diced beef added to pan along with a couple of cups of water. Boiled gently until the water has evaporated and the meat browns a little. Remove from the pan. Add onion, and carrot - plus some of the cooking water - and cook at a rolling simmer until tender [top up with more water as required - indeed with more water this could be served as a soup]. Meanwhile, roll the cooked beef in flour, and add to the pan. Allow flour to thicken the liquid and simmer for a few more minutes until very tender. Serve.

For your safety. Do not consume wild plants if you have
ANY medical condition, during pregnancy, or give to minors.

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