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Creamed Plantain with Ham

Unless very young Greater Plantain [Plantago major] leaves are used then this dish will have a bitter edge that may be unpalatable. A good way to remove leaf bitterness while maintaining physical leaf integrity is to steep the leaves in changes of boiling water rather than boiling.


The dish can be enhanced with the addition of a little chopped onion. Bacon or sliced ham are alternatives for gammon. Salt isn't really a necessary addition although a little pepper seasoning helps. A little garlic will also help.

   Gammon ham
1 handful plantain leaves
Onion - optional
Butter or oil
Ground nutment - pinch
Pepper / extra salt optional

[Main ingredients above are approx. per person, but obviously variable according to taste and circumstance.]




· Dice the ham and fry in a little oil until nicely browned.

· Select small plantain leaves, remove stalk material and any blemished parts. · Nibble a bit to test bitterness. If too bitter place leaves into bowl and pour boiling water over. Steep for 5 minutes. More bitter leaves may need a minute or two boiling. · Drain off the water.

· In a saucepan put a little butter or oil and low to medium heat gently cook the leaves for 2-3 minutes. · Remove from the heat and stir in a good slug of cream and a large pinch of nutmeg. · Return to the heat and gently simmer for a couple of minutes. · Stir in the ham pieces and allow to simmer for a couple of minutes more. · Serve with potatoes or rice.

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