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Corporate Events / Team Building

For more than twenty years Marcus worked alongside the management teams of some of the world's largest and best-known corporate enterprises, and about ten years ago he devised a creatively grounded course to cultivate Creative Business Thinking among employees at every level of a company - helping develop a mind-set that thinks outside the box to create the next market opportunity that drives the business forward.

Wild Food School now offers adaptations of that course in a highly unusual wild foods context, while also delivering sessions that set out to achieve team building outcomes in their own right, or a combination of both. Corporate hospitality events with a different twist can also be arranged.

WFS corporate sessions and events can be run anywhere in the northern hemisphere that a company decides is appropriate (the plant content used during sessions reflecting what is available locally), in selected secure southern hemisphere locations, or anywhere in the UK.

Sessions are wholly flexible and can be adapted in length or content to suit the client's outcomes and objectives requirement, and may be delivered as stand-alone presentations or incorporated into a day of wider creative management initiatives.

To discuss and evaluate your ideas for a corporate event or team-building session based\on wild foods please drop an e-mail or call 01208 873788.

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