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After the publication of the ARMAGEDDON Cookbook a number of readers expressed an interest in having individual sections of the text in a smaller pocket size format, and so a number of subject headings have been converted into more convenient pocketbooks for backpackers, and are available under the banner of the Armageddon Cookbook Pocketbook Series. Additional subjects will be added over time.

The pocketbooks have waterproof covers, are around 36 pages long (the topic content enlarged or condensed to fit the format), and are about postcard size.

The Current line-up consists of:

- Harvesting and Storing Water
- Water Purification and Water-borne Disease
- Fires for Cooking Food
- Cooking with Fire, Fireless Cookers and Clay
- Fish and Passive Fishing
- Snails, Marine Molluscs, Crabs and Prawns

Other Related Pocketbooks:

Introduction to Edible Insects
Mud and Clay Stoves, Huatias & Hangis (In progress)

So now, if you are studying a particular topic, or need to carry some details in your backpack or pocket, you have the option of selecting the pocketbook that suits your interest rather than buying the complete Armageddon Cookbook.

Price for 1 copy is £2.00 including P&P, and £1.50 each (including P&P) for 2 or more copies.

Order Now by E-mail or call 01208 873788.


At the same time the WFS digital mini-Cookbooks have been converted into similar pocket-size paper versions for those that want to carry a paper copy around with them, or simply prefer the feel of paper between their fingers. The background historical detail on the individual plant species has been edited out of these texts to concentrate purely on the recipe and culinary uses, and they are again expanded or condensed to fit a 36 page pocketbook format.

Again with waterproof covers, the WFS Little Pocket Cookbook Series currently covers the following species:


Pricing is the same as for the Armageddon Pocketbook Series.... 1 copy is £2.00 including P&P, and £1.50 each (including P&P) for 2 or more copies.

Order Now by E-mail or call 01208 873788.

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