Robert Kemp Philp - 'The Family Save-All'


Robert Kemp Philp - 'The Family Save-All' CD-ROM

Robert Kemp Philp was a member of the Chartist movement that campaigned for the right to vote in 19th century Britain, he was also an author of reference and self-improvement books such as The Family Save-All.

Although Family Save-All contains recipes and household hints, the food aspect is quite different from recipe books of the time and even those of today. Philp was looking to help families string out their budget by using up left-over cuts of meat or vegetables as new dishes for the dinner table, and using 'secondary' cuts of meat such as tripe, ox-tail and offal to make provisions stretch. And the household hints are mostly slanted at being able to make economies or be more productive with growing vegetables or raising animals for food. In short The Family Save-All is about the drive to economise in financially stretched households of the period and its 292 pages of hints and recipes provides a small window on life in Victorian times, while possibly teaching us a few lessons on how not to waste good food and materials in our own time.

The contents of the cased CD-ROM run like a website from the disc, so if you have a modern PC (or Mac) and a recent copy of a web browser you should be able to run the CDROM.

UK Price: 6.00 + 1.50 UK P&P.


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