Mordecai Cubbit Cooke - 'British Edible Fungi:
How to Distinguish and How to Cook Them'


Mordecai Cubbit Cooke - 'British Edible Fungi' CD-ROM This work is an extensive and in-depth review of more than 150 edible British fungi species known in Victorian times and has extensive cooking methods and recipes for the numerous types: Procerus Pie, Potted Procerus, Parasol Sauce, Pickled (Fairy Ring) Champignons for example.

One of the leading authorities of his time the author has, in addition to detailed fungi descriptions, chapters on safe fungus hunting, drying mushrooms and making mushroom ketchup (then quite popular) from various species not always good for cooking as a vegetable.

Cooke's text sometimes extends to examples from continental Europe, and occasionally to other corners of the world, where fungi species that the British ignored were being used as food.

One of the plates in this 100-plus year old book is missing, but the other 11 provide lovely illustrations of many species (which you can use as clip art) and doesn't detract from the incredible wealth of information within the 200+ pages. Cooke's book provides a real opportunity to see what the Victorians were making of Britain's edible fungi.

Morels - British Edible Fungi    Boletus & Truffles - British Edible Fungi    Beef-Steak Fungus & Horn of Plenty - British Edible Fungi

The contents of the cased CD-ROM run like a website from the disc, so if you have a modern PC (or Mac) and a recent copy of a web browser you should be able to run the CDROM.

UK Price: 6.00 + 1.50 UK P&P.


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