Sir John Hill  'The Useful Family Herbal'  CD-ROM

[First Edition, 1754]

Sir John Hill was a quite controversial 18th century character known in contemporary literary circles of his time, as well as medical. The first edition of his Herbal was published anonymously in 1754 and over 400 pages from a copy of this original edition have been digitally mastered for this CD-ROM, with the addition of 54 hand-coloured plates included from the 1812 edition and which may be used as clipart for your own projects. It's almost like having your own personal copy of this herbal which was published more than 250 years ago.

The pages have a 'digital' index to help you find your way around the plants. The contents of the cased CD-ROM run like a website from the disc, so if you have a modern PC (or Mac) and a recent copy of a web browser you should be able to run the CDROM.

UK Price: 10 incl. P&P.

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        Sir John Hill, Useful Family Herbal

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