Herbal Medicines
of the Hedgerow and Wayside

Volumes 1 & 2 - NOW AVAILABLE

Travel through five centuries of herbal medicine with this in-depth 'reader' of hedgerow herbal plants. From times when monks scribed medicine books by hand, to London during the great plague, through the age when Napoleon's armies swept across Europe, to the working man's remedies of the industrial revolution. There's so much herbal wisdom within these pages.

Herbal Wisdom through the ages.

Over 1,000 pages long this large 2-Volume eBook is an in-depth reader on hedgerow plants used in medicine over the last 500 years... by both medical professionals and lay-people, chronologically reviewing each individual herbal plant through time.

These two volumes have literally hundreds and hundreds of herbal recipes, remedies, and treatments - the oldest dating back to 1486 - and are illustrated with old woodcuts, while specially developed typefaces provide a feel for the look of the text extracts. Exciting stuff for anyone into exploring herbal remedies.

Apart from the individual plant sections, there's information on how to decipher those mystical old apothecary's recipes and curious alchemical symbols. You'll find these readers a real treasure trove of herbal wisdom through the ages.

Herbal Medicines of the Hedgerow and Wayside

Produced by Wild Food Wisdom (the digital part of Wild Food School) this work is provided in PDF file format (two files - Volumes 1 & 2) and each eBook is password protected like the Cooking with Weeds eBooks (though in the much larger A5 page format). However, these 2 volumes are NOT interactive.

Volume one is 7, and if bought separately Volume 2 is 6. Buy both together now for just 10 - a saving of 3.

These readers will be updated in the future and your purchase price includes a FREE update of the reader once new material has been added. To order your personal copy E-MAIL now.

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