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WFS Occasional Paper #1
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Cutting Food Bills with Wild Foods
Dandelion - a great source of vitamins.

Wild Food Man
Nettles - another great nutrient source & easy to grow

      With food and fuel prices soaring what can wild food plant species do to cut your food bills? Well, perhaps, quite a lot!

Many people will want to forage in the wilds and real outdoors, but in this first WFS Occasional Paper the case is made out for turning an unwanted bit of garden space into a productive food producing source using edible wild plants.

While many horticultural varieties of vegetables are prone to diseases and pests, the wild plant species selected for the wild food garden discussed in the paper are largely free of problems and need little maintenance, and have been closely observed for. In fact there are a good number of edible 'wild' species which were grown as food in past ages and also provided our ancestors with quite good nutritional vegetable greens.

The Paper makes the case for growing some of these quite hardy (mainly perennial) wild species in a corner of your garden, or even outside the back door, in an effort to shave a little (or more) of your food bill.

The Paper comes with some hypothetical garden layout diagrams which allow for successional cropping of the relevant species, pictures and habitat details, plus recipe ideas for those who are unfamiliar with the plants used, plus notes on which plant parts to use.


Format: A4, laminated covers, spiral bound. 36 pages. Released September, 2008.

Price: 12 incl. P&P

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Wild Plant Species - Garden Layout
Three Cornered Leek - Allium Triquetrum

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