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Edible wild greens so often end up as SOUP - particularly nettles - or boiled greens [BGs]. Life for wild veggies does not have to be so mundane. Try transforming these edible weeds and veggies into more ethnic style tasty greens [TGs] and become a wild food gourmet.

Bass, Thistle & Palm Oil Stew
Bass, Thistle & Palm Oil Stew.
Thai-style Bramble Tips
Thai-style Bramble Tips.
Coconut & Tomato Thistles
Lamb patties with tomato & coconut thistles.
Sea-beet and fish fritters
Sea-beet and fish fritters with fiery tomato dip.
Salsify fishcakes
Fish and salsify fish-cakes with curried tomato gravy.
Wild Garlic Aoili (Ramsons) and fish satay
Wild garlic aioli and fish satay.
Wild Mushrooms and Tagliatelli
Wild Mushroom (Porcini, Oyster, Wood Ear) Pasta
Wood Ear Fungus, Ginger and Chicken Soup
Wood Ear Fungus, Ginger and Chicken Soup
Reindeer and lamb's lettuce salad
Reindeer and Lamb's Lettuce salad
Entomophagy courses - Fried Escamoles with green pepper
Fried Escamoles with green pepper
Entomophagy courses - Escamole mini-tacos snacks
Escamoles mini-tacos snacks
Reindeer and sea-beet curry
Reindeer and Sea-Beet Curry
Eat Weeds - Nettle & Fish Sausages
Nettle & Fish Sausages with Marsh Samphire

Tomatoes with a Borage pesto
Tomatoes with a Borage pesto

Eating Weeds - Borage sambal & rice
Borage Sambal & Rice

Fish with Hedge Garlic Chermoula - Eat Weeds
Fish cooked in Hedge Garlic-based Chermoula

Eating Weeds - Hedge Garlic Fish Curry
Thai Hedge Garlic Fish Curry

Borage & Hedge Garlic Relish
Borage & Hedge Garlic Relish

Chicken & Ramsons Pasta - Eat Weeds
Chicken & Ramsons Pasta

Lentil & Ramsons Soup - Eat Your Weeds
Lentil & Ramsons Soup

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