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Edible wild greens so often end up as SOUP - particularly nettles - or boiled greens [BGs]. Life for wild veggies does not have to be so mundane. Try transforming these edible weeds and veggies into more ethnic style tasty greens [TGs] and become a wild food gourmet.

Bass, Thistle & Palm Oil Stew
Bass, Thistle & Palm Oil Stew.
Wild Food Cookery School - Thai-style Bramble Tips
Thai-style Bramble Tips.
Wild Food Cookery School - Coconut & Tomato Thistles
Lamb patties with tomato & coconut thistles.
Sea-beet and fish fritters
Sea-beet and fish fritters with fiery tomato dip.
Salsify fishcakes
Fish and salsify fish-cakes with curried tomato gravy.
Wild Food Cookery School - Wild Garlic Aoili (Ramsons) and fish satay
Wild garlic aioli and fish satay.
Wild Mushrooms and Tagliatelli
Wild Mushroom (Porcini, Oyster, Wood Ear) Pasta
Wild Food Cookery School - Wood Ear Fungus, Ginger and Chicken Soup
Wood Ear Fungus, Ginger and Chicken Soup
Reindeer and lamb's lettuce salad
Reindeer and Lamb's Lettuce salad
Entomophagy courses - Fried Escamoles with green pepper
Fried Escamoles with green pepper
Entomophagy courses - Escamole mini-tacos snacks
Escamoles mini-tacos snacks
Reindeer and sea-beet curry
Reindeer and Sea-Beet Curry
Eat Weeds - Nettle & Fish Sausages
Nettle & Fish Sausages with Marsh Samphire

Wild Food Cookery School - Tomatoes with a Borage pesto
Tomatoes with a Borage pesto

Eating Weeds - Borage sambal & rice
Borage Sambal & Rice

Fish with Hedge Garlic Chermoula - Eat Weeds
Fish cooked in Hedge Garlic-based Chermoula

Eating Weeds - Hedge Garlic Fish Curry
Thai Hedge Garlic Fish Curry

Borage & Hedge Garlic Relish
Borage & Hedge Garlic Relish

Wild Food Cookery School - Chicken & Ramsons Pasta - Eat Weeds
Chicken & Ramsons Pasta

Lentil & Ramsons Soup - Eat Your Weeds
Lentil & Ramsons Soup

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