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The DL course is a mixture of CD-ROM and paperwork, that splits the calendar year into 3 periods (exact calendar seasons being pointless in nature's continually shifting clock).

Eventually the DL course material is very likely to evolve into an on-going series rather than one-off 'how to' instructions. The particular medium and frequency will ultimately depend on what the seasons bring.

The total cost for the existing 3 modules is roughly £100 over a year depending on when you start the DL course but the three modules can, of course, be taken over 2 years.

Module 1 includes start-up documentation, an optional presentation binder, and a CD-ROM to cover the Spring months, but with the changes in Britain's climate you should find that you can start with it in November/December depending on your location. [Even if you start the DL course later in the year Module 1 is necessary as it contains details about safe wild food foraging which are not duplicated in subsequent modules]

Module 2 takes you from Spring into, and through, the Summer. It includes further paper documentation, and a CD-ROM. Module 3 covers the autumn hedgerow harvest such as hazelnuts, damsons and...wait for it... acorns. Again, it is a CD-ROM and paper documentation package.

Module 3 covers off the autumn hedgerow harvest, mainly berries, and has recipes for game meats.

If you like the idea of learning more about edible wild plants from a distant corner of the UK, or make the course fit in with your busy schedule, then please drop an e-mail for further details.

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