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Edible Weed Datasheets - FREE

Foraging for edible weeds is, for some folks, a way of life and a fun challenge. Knowing exactly which edible weed is the correct one to pick can be a bit tricky until you become familiar with the plants throughout their life-cycle.

Below are a number of short foraging datasheets specific to particular species of edible weed in PDF format. When time permits more will be added, but several of the edible weeds below are key foraging species so if you are unfamiliar with them please download (and save to your computer) and enjoy at your leisure.

Click on any of the filenames below to download the file:

CHICKWEED.pdf  [approx. 207k]
DANDELION.pdf  [approx. 231k]
HOPS.pdf  [approx. 126k]
NETTLE.pdf  [approx. 186k]
PLANTAIN.pdf  [approx. 186k]
SOW-THISTLE.pdf  [approx. 120k]

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