Nicholas Culpeper  'English Physician & Complete Herbal'  CD-ROM

[Sibly Edition, 1789]

Herbalist and astrologer Nicholas Culpeper was a product of his troubled times. Born in 1616 and living through Oliver Cromwell's republic he had radical and anti-establishment ideas which extended to his loathing of England's élitist medical profession who, in equal measure, feared his opening up of medical knowledge to the masses which he began in 1649 by translating from Latin (the language by which the medical profession prevented lesser educated people understanding from medical matters) the College
of Physicians' 'Pharmacopia Londinensis', or London Dispensatory.

Astrology played a large part in Culpeper's medical and herbal reasoning, and when he published 'The English Physitian, or an Astrologo-physical Discourse of the Vulgar Herbs of this Nation' in 1652 it became an almost immediate success. Culpeper died aged only 38 but his herbal legacy lived on for many generations.

Astrologer and herbalist Ebenezer Sibly (1751-1799)
re-published an updated version of Culpeper's herbal work in 1789, and a copy of Sibly's first edition has been digitised for this CD-ROM. It's like stepping back more than 200 years in time. Sibly is perhaps best known for a horoscope
- published in 1787 - which predicted the birth of the United States of America.

For this CD-ROM edition of the 1789 version of the herbal over 400 pages have been digitised including the hand-tinted colour plates. The pages have a 'digital' index to find your way around the plants. The contents of the cased CD-ROM run like a wesite from the disc, so if you have a modern PC (or Mac) and a recent copy of a web browser you should be able to run the CDROM.

UK Price: £10 incl. P&P.

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      Culpeper's English Physitian & Herbal CD-ROM

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