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Folks from all walks of life do the hands-on WFS courses, and for many people the time spent is a real eye-opener into the sheer number of edible wild plants which grow in the British Isles. From a teaching perspective it's great to see that so many folks have been inspired by their time with WFS, as some of the following e-mail and snail-mailed comments show...

Write-up of recent visit by the folks at the Good Cornwall Guide: HERE
'Just wanted to thank you for the free urban foraging guide. We had been eating most of these plants from our garden but it was good to see confirmation that we were doing the right thing. We love the wild plants, love 'em. It's great to see your website and to know that there are others out there doing the same thing. We can't eat a salad now unless it's got chickweed in it. The stuff grows all over the garden and we've just discovered a huge patch of sorrel which we didn't know we had. Wonderful!' AR
'Thank you for a truly excellent day; I have taken away a number of new things to try, and try them out I shall! Dandelion coffee and sorrel dessert are definitely on the menu. I will be in touch for a follow up next year. Thank you again. I will recommend you far and wide. It was the perfect Birthday present.' JF
'... first of all I want to say thanks, thanks, and more thanks for the wonderful time you showed us. Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. To be honest, it has really changed us. We have gone on quite a few walks since we have been back and we identified lots of little bits. I must say I was rather surprised to find hedge garlic, pignut and lots and lots of chickweed growing in good old East London and to top that we noticed we have wood avens growing in our own back garden!' S+P
'Thanks for a great day's foraging on Sunday. It has certainly opened our eyes to what we've got growing in the lanes around Bristol and we can't wait to start incorporating it all into our cooking. Really hope we can do it again someday.' S.
'Just wanted to drop you a line and say what a great weekend I just had. I found the Instructor course highly motivating and can't wait to bring my completed log book along to part 2. Your tutoring kept me interested, informed and amused throughout the weekend, and I felt that the amount of foraging to cooking time was well balanced ensuring that we saw both the gathering and cooking procedures with time left for a little tasting too... Once again thanks for all your time and effort so far in putting together the course. I look forward to reporting back in the near future.' D.R.
'Just a quick line to thank you for a wonderful day that Emma and I spent with you last Thursday. It really was great fun and absolutely fascinating. Its fair to say were hooked and will certainly be scouring the hedgerows (above waist height of course) around our village for some of the plants you introduced us to.' R.
'Thanks for a fab day! A whole new insight into weeds!' B&A
'Thank you very much again for a very inspiring week-end.' JM
'Just a note to say thank you very much for a wonderful couple of days, and thank you for being so patient in teaching such beginners.' LT
'Thanks very much for the info on the course, really enjoyed it. Tons to remember, but really has created a load of inspiration to learn.' MO

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