The Essential
Acorn, Hazelnut,
Chestnut &c Cookbook

by Johnny Jumbalaya

Essential Acorn, Hazelnut, Chestnut &c Cookbook

* 98 pages
* wipe-clean laminated cover
* wire bound for flexibility in your rucksack or pocket
* no hard spine to damage or to trap water
* opens flat / folds 360°
* immediate IFC Contents

Acorns have been used as human food for many thousands of years, and are still eaten in some parts of the world. This highly unusual cookbook features historic notes on each of the wild nuts covered, and will allow you to fearlessly tackle that very 'different' food ingredient - acorn.

Detailed, step-by-step, instructions on preparing acorns of the two main British Oak species are provided, along with many recipes to try you hand at: acorn muffins, cookies, pasta, molasses bread and, wait for it, an acorn-based Christmas pudding!

In good years hazelnuts, chestnuts and beech masts can supply a plentiful harvest of other wild nuts for you to explore, and you could call this volume 'A Hundred Ways to Cook Your Nuts'.

The recipes are designed for single serving portions with the quantities simply multiplied by the number of mouths to feed, and although most of the recipes are designed for the home kitchen many could be adapted for the outdoors. There are also notes on some commonly found edible wild plants which may be incorporated into some recipes, and some guidance notes on safe foraging.

ISBN 0 9544158 7 6
98 pages / Wire Bound
Price: £7.49
UK P&P: £1.75

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