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Acorns as a human foodstuff...

With acorns it could possibly be said that you would be truly living off the fat of the land, perhaps even a wild food gourmet. In fact acorns of various types have been used as human food for a VERY long time, and it is only that the knowledge of how to prepare and use them has been forgotten over time. In their raw and untreated state acorns of the English Oak [Quercus robur] contain large amounts of tannin which is deleterious to the human body when ingested. Other oak species, and there are a hundred or more worldwide, contain varying amounts of tannin.

In North America there are many records of the native Indian population eating acorns in past times, and in Europe the remains of hulled acorns have been found in archaeological finds thousands of years old. And in famine-starved England during the mid-16th century parts of the population turned to acorns as a bread ingredient.

Acorns as food
So how do you turn this....
Acorns as human food
into this...
Acorn muffins
into Acorn Muffins containing that other autumn hedgerow ingredient, hazelnuts...
WFS Oak Forest Curry
or this Thai-style Oak Forest Curry with wild ingredients that you might find in and around an oak wood?
WFS Acorn & Nettle Flan
If you are more of a flan fan then there's the possibility of making an Acorn and Nettle Flan with an acorn-wheat pastry.
WFS Acorn Shortbread
A type of shortbread can be made too...
Dusted with powdered sugar in this instance.
WFS Plain Acorn Biscuits
There are plain savoury-type biscuits....
WFS Sweet Acorn Biscuits
... and sweet ones.
WFS Acorn Woodburger
Trials for a Woodland Burger combining acorns and meat.
WFS Acorn Yeast Bread
Trial of a more traditional acorn based yeast bread.
WFS Acorn Christmas Pudding
Acorns can even find their way into an exotic Christmas Pudding. True!
Now who said acorns weren't edible? [Although there are some exceptions in other parts of the world, acorns from the English Oak found in the British Isles should be regarded as inedible until properly treated.]

It is hoped that in 2008 there will again be two or three Wild Food School single-day courses on preparing and using acorns as a foodstuff - possibly in September and October. If that tickles your fancy then please get in touch.

There's also a book available on cooking acorns, and other nuts, The Essential Acorn, Hazelnut, Chestnut &c Cookbook.

For your safety. Do not consume wild plants if you have
ANY medical condition, during pregnancy, or give to minors.

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