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Below [Nov.2013]: (Left) Spot the hide in the woodland morass (it's actually set at about 10 o'clock behind the small fir tree near the centre of picture) and, right, the exposed entrance of another hide using DPM groundsheet as the roof layer. The slide-in entrance is essentially the exposed black hole towards bottom right of picture.

evasion shelter / hide evasion shelter with covered groundsheet

Below [Nov.2013]: Exposed hide with earth-coloured CamoTek lining among upturned tree roots. Branches in f/ground supported masking layers of woodland litter and debris to make the hide virtually invisible.

evasion shelter / hide using CamoTek

Below [Nov.2013]: Fire preparations - excellent featherstick on the left which should catch sparks or take light easily. Right, stacking featherstick wood to dry close to the fire's dry-line.

featherstick for firelighting

Below [Nov.2013]: Left, a GTAS method. To right, various signalling options (also has GPS and compass pictured over at LHS)

GTAS - Ground to Air Signals GTAS - Ground to Air Signalling - various means

Below, the construction of a discreet mini-hangi... It's not actually designed as a covert means of cooking but there isn't much of a footprint...

covert fire covert fire
covert cooking covert cooking
covert cooking covert cooking

Below: Strips of meat ready for preservation in a 'smoker'... and a fish being readied for cooking over a fire.

covert fire covert fire

Below: Parachute gores doubling up as survival shelter (left) and basher / hammock (right). Below centre, GTAS.

parachute hammock parachute hammock
ground to air signalling / GTAS

And then a number of demonstration evasion and general SERE shelters... Immed. below, external view of the hide (left), entrance (right).

covert shelter / hide covert shelter / hide

Below: Hide hollowed out at the back of a tree stump...

evasion shelter / hide evasion shelter / hide

And then a shelter virtually invisible from the track.... and a general shelter tucked away in the undergrowth...

evasion shelter / hide evasion shelter / hide

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