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John Speede's County Maps of Elizabethan England

Old Map Company Authentic antique reproductions from originals created between 1610 and 1623, as part of the most famous Atlas of the period. The accuracy and quality of these antique maps was not surpassed for centuries. These maps are presented on an antiqued parchment entirely in keeping with their historic nature. Each map is beautifully engraved and crammed with detail.

A customer writes: "Thank you for the antique map of The Invasions of England Wales & Ireland. I have greatly enjoyed this map. I would now like to purchase two further old maps - Warwickshire and The World. Thank you for such a wonderful series." [This and hundreds of other un-solicited testimonials are held at our offices.]

Everyone who sees your John Speed Old Map will compliment you on your good taste... Quite frankly our old maps are not for everyone. You see, what sets our customers apart is their appreciation of the finer things in life. After all, surrounding yourself with intriguing objects shows that you're a person with many varied interests. Which is exactly the impression you'll be giving with one of our prestigious Antique Maps on your wall !

Maps that look, feel and smell like a 400 year Old Original... Let's face it, when you're buying a John Speed map you want it to look as old as an original one does. And not one that looks mass-produced ! Each map is faithfully reproduced on specially crafted paper, then hand-treated giving it texture, aged aroma and the appearance of an old historical document. In fact, unless you're an expert, our Old Maps look exactly like an original ! And all because of our secret process for ageing our maps.

Our satisfied customers include: St. Paul's Cathedral, The Greenwich Maritime Museums, Madame Tussauds, The National Trust, Exeter Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle, and many other famous attractions worldwide.

When you buy your Old Map you'll be acquiring your own piece of history which other people will view as an old treasured heirloom, handed down from generation to generation. Which is why K.P. Vale of Glamorgan put in an order: "Here is an order for a further 7. They are to be placed in files with our family histories !"

You'll find Old Maps make ideal gifts whether for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings..."I am absolutely delighted with the my antique map. It is so interesting. I would now like to purchase another Map for my sister as a Christmas present." - K.H. Middlewich.

Your Old Map - an Ancient Parchment, Rich in History... Imagine getting your hands on, owning and being able to read a fabled centuries old scroll faithfully recorded by learned scholars of that age. Those time-yellowed dusty parchments that are so rich in detail of civilizations long since lost... That's exactly what you'll be getting with an antique map, just as R.C. of London discovered: "Such historical antique maps are invaluable to scholars and a service to academics studying the evolution of medieval towns and cities through the centuries. I enclose an order for a further 5 maps."

Amaze your friends with the knowledge you'll gain... Discover how big some countries really were... and how much they've shrunk over the centuries. You'll find out exactly how big the Roman Empire was in its heyday, and which counties have disappeared out of sight. See the towns which were the 'cities' of their day and trace their history back centuries.

You'll be transported back in time... What you'll be getting is an Old Map that'll fascinate and enthral everyone. You'll be transported back centuries... into a world of fascinating sea creatures... Ships that were weighed down with treasure or trading commodities. Old English town names that have long since perished... Boundaries that have disappeared... Languages that have radically changed - though you'll still recognise many of the town names.

100% Full Money Back Guarantee... If for any reason whatsoever you aren't completely delighted with your Old Map, simply return the item to us, and your payment will be refunded. No questions asked. So why not reserve your map now ?

Wherever you decide to hang your Old Map people will always pause to admire its beauty.

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