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The mission of is to be the single contact point for Britain's rural businesses, crafts people, and the hidden treasures which dot our wonderful landscape within ONE website. Currently, anyone trying to source information on a nationwide basis often has to trawl search engines with dozens (often hundreds) of individual URL's to find information.

With we want to 'connect people to the countryside' quickly and effectively. For example, someone seeking a local country estate agent, even though they may be separted by hundreds of miles... The buyer from a supermarket chain seeking sources of homemade produce... A film company looking for an unusual location or props... Finding a specialist cabinet-maker who works with particular timbers or techniques... Or providing individuals seeking a weekend break, or a self-catering holiday in the country with a quick route to picking and choosing accommodation in the region of their choice.

So is CLUK proving itself useful... ? Well not everyone keeps in touch but we've had some recent communications:

'We are on average getting about 2 calls a week from the website and from that about 50% are actually buying trugs, so for us it has been really brilliant. A very good medium to get trugs to a much wider audience.' [e-mail May 2002]

'We look forward to seeing the outcome. I know that we have received a couple of referrals already, which is great.' [snail-mail letter, May 2002]

'I have had a couple of catalogue enquiries subject via Countrylovers.' [e-mail, Jan. 2002]

'I'm getting a steady trickle of people from my bit on your site - not quite what I'd call a flow, but not bad, and I'm sure more than I get from my own page! One chap said it had come up first in the search engine he'd used, which has to be good.' [e-mail, Aug. 2001]

For those small entrepreneurs who decide to promote their enterprise on the basic LISTING is 10 a year. Voluntary and non-profit organisations are able to list their details for free.

If you would like to have a more substantial Web Page hosted on the website to market and promote your products and services, please get in touch via e-mail to discuss matters further.

A LISTING comprises the individual's or business name, contact details (your own combination of address/phone/fax/e-mail), plus a 20-25-ish word description of the service you offer. We will also put in a link to your own website if you have one and e-mail address.

A single DISPLAY PAGE will comprise the business name, location and contact details, plus one graphic image that you want to display [check the web site to see a basic dummy display page], and a 200-250 (at this stage) description about what skills, talents and products you have to offer.

The description should be written by yourself and forwarded to along with the digitized image that you want placed on your display page. If you have problems with producing the words - a touch of the old writer's blank - we can perhaps give you a few tips. For a small charge we could also write it for you. Likewise, if we have to digitize your pictures then a charge will need to be made. Preferably, try to have images digitised locally and then e-mail them, or send on floppy disk [in a PC file format].

Once it's up an running the display page is intended to be maintenence-free for the year. If you require the web page to be regularly updated with data - such as timetables, seasonal price changes, or frequent picture changes - then we'll have to come to some renumerative arrangement for time spent on the updating. Still, we want to keep it affordable for you.

Stylistically, we are keeping all the Display Pages uniform in layout and minimalist in appearance. This keeps bandwidth to a minimum (making downloading of pages quicker), and stops the site looking visually cluttered and messy. reserves the right not to publish and display material. Note, also, that you must OWN the copyright of any words or pictures you supply to put on the site. We will not display creative material for which copyright has not been cleared.


Connecting People with Britain's Countryside.