Script Writer and Director

Paddy Hughes is one of the most experienced film and video programme makers in the UK.
He has filmed in locations all over the world and won many prestigious British and international awards for his work.

Core to his success as a film-maker, he is a creative author. His writing experience spans many different fields. To explore this please look under the following headings:

Film and Video Script Writer
Childrens’ Books Author
PR and Publicity Writer
Freelance Journalist

rover75h.jpg - 8397 Bytes
Paddy Hughes directing the launch
film for the Rover 75 in Japan

His work has ranged widely through many different areas of the film and entertainment industry. For more details please go to the following pages:

The cross fertilisation of all these different disciplines brings a wealth of experience to bear on any project, a focus with the intensity of a laser beam.

Early Influences
Sponsored Documentaries
TV Commercials
Corporate Video
Business Television
Investigative Documentaries
Charity Fund Raising
Recent Work

tarmac3.jpg - 8017 Bytes
Paddy [top right] controlling
a special effects shot
Paddy can be contacted via e-mail or via phone numbers 01963 370323 or [Mob.] 07785 263037