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Established in 1998 Windrush Willow is a family run Business dedicated to growing and promoting the wonderful species of Salix. We are busily planting up 4 acres of land in Devon, England with over 48,000 Willow Stools, which will be generating 1,000,000 Osier Rods by 2005.

We are locking up some of the world's excess Carbon Dioxide in Willow, concentrating on environmentally friendly methods of growing rare coloured varieties for diverse habitats and producing beautiful bark colours for weavers to use.

With our mini bundles of 100 rods we specialise in supplying the amateur and semi- professional basket maker. Why not e-mail us with details of the colours, sizes and quantities you would like and we can advise on which of the 101 varieties we currently have that would suit you best. Or fax us for price and availability.

Our range of quality products includes Garden Structures, for you're climbing plants, which will last up to 5 season's outdoors. Why not view our Garden structure range.

We also specialise in Fishing Creel's the only way to keep your fish truly fresh.

Interested in watching a natural phenomenon develop before your eyes - try one of our Magic Sticks.