David Leaver

Puffin photograph

"Puffin" - Fuji Sensia 200, f4 at 1/500.
Photograph displayed with kind permission of David Leaver.
Copyright © 1999

Anyone sailing or cruising around the Hebrides is likely to come across DAVID LEAVER - writer, photographer and naturalist - aboard his motor cruiser Guideliner. For many years he has been taking guests on wildlife cruises around the islands during the summer months, whilst during the winter he is busy either writing for various magazines, photographing wildlife in Scotland or fixing his yacht.

An early career as a zoologist was followed by a stint in the RAF, a few years in North Africa as a guide and then as a fisherman/researcher around the Scottish islands. A passion for rock climbing was curtailed by a paragliding accident in the Alps which resulted in a titanium hip replacement and an end to mountain climbing. Now his interests are firmly centred around the natural history of the Hebridean islands of Scotland. The photograph above was taken on Lunga, one of the Treshnish Isles (near Mull).

If you would like to know more about the availability of Guideliner Charters and their tours, take a look at the Guideliner website Alternatively, you can e-mail David Leaver from here or ring +44 (0)1764 670781 for details.


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