With a degree in Photographic Arts, and a twenty-something year career in corporate film and video as a scriptwriter and latterly director, I come to painting with no preconceptions or formal art training.

My work currently follows two creative threads/styles - the first is a simplification of figures and form, while the second facet has more detached, narrative 'pop' images which make reflective statements about contemporary life, its routines and repetitive nature. Sometimes these two facets are overlap visually.

The philosophy behind my figurative work is to depict the energy of the 'moment' - a similar concept in photography or film - and extract the atmosphere and emotion of that scene or moment in time with minimal colour, shadow and perspective. A creative process far-removed from the physically textureless but precisely imaged world of video and film. The tactile 'feel' of the canvas surface and plasticity of acrylic paint means that every brushstroke is an exploration and adventure in the imperfections of the canvas surface and swirling flow of paint.

Having rejected oils because of their longer drying times it is perhaps appropriate that I have ended up with plastic-based acrylic paint as my medium - film, photography and video all using plastic substrates in their makeup.

In the distant past my photographic work has been exhibited at the Photographer's Gallery in London, and my film and video work has won awards; including an award-winning short documentary on Speaker's Corner thought to be historically important enough to be included in the National Film and TV Archive. I am also interested in experimental video and the creation of abstract moving images.