Marcus Harrison
Paintings in Acrylics

The work below is grouped by style and subject theme, there being two strands to my output. The first is abstract and often uses just shadow to depict movement and form - the complete opposite of my usual work in photography/film/video. The second group of pictures are comments on contemporary life (sometimes with a touch of humour). Full artist's statement here.... I also belong to RAG, the Riverside Artist's Group in London.

All of these images are acrylic on cotton and shown unframed [apologies for simply propping them against the bookshelf to digitize them]. Measurements given in centimetres - width by height. Completion date/order can be worked out from the reference number which relates to the month and picture number.

Any thoughtful feedback about my work is welcomed.

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'Pop' Message-driven

2k1.1.1 - 'Nannydom' - 69x72
Brand Rebel
2k1.2.12 ' - 'Brand Rebel' - 79x79
Tomorrow the World
2k1-4-39 - 'Tomorrow the World' - 79x79
Here We Go Again
2k1-2-15 - 'Here We Go Again - 79x79
Paperclip Slaves
2k1-4-49 - 'Paperclip Slaves' - 37x91

Abstract 'Figurative'

Bull & Calf
2k1.1.7 - 'Bull and Calf' - 64x54
Gene Slip
2k1.2.16 - 'Gene Slip' - 67x54
The Bathers
2k1.2.11 - 'The Bathers' - 93x86
Figures in blue
2k1.2.17 - 'Figures in Blue' - 40x52

2k1-3-35 - 'Tracker - 69x50
Dawn Traders
2k1-3-36 - 'Dawn Traders' - 69x50
The Company Disciples
2k1-4-40 - 'The Company Disciples' - 50x69

2k1-3-34 - 'Beach' - 66x54
Beach #2
2k1-4-37 - 'Beach #2' - 66x54
Beach #3
2k1-4-33 - 'Beach #3' - 66x54
The Races
2k1-4-42 - 'The Races' - 66x54

Figurative Message-based

Rush Hour
2k1k.1.5 - 'Rush Hour' - 52x40
Urban Deskpilots
2k1-3-26 - 'Urban Deskpilots' - 52x40
Sardine Queue
2k1-3-27 - 'Sardine Queue' - 52x40
2k1-4-43 - '925' [Nine to Five] - 66x54
The One that Got Away
2k1-3-28 - 'The One that Got Away' - 79x79
Chicken or Egg
2k1-3-29 - 'Chicken or Egg' - 40x52
Three Red Mouths - Food Chain
2k1-5-51 - '3 Red Mouths - Food Chain' - 79x79
I Am Not a Number - But I AM
2k1-6-60 - 'I Am Not a Number - But I Am'

Others / Experimental

Cornfield with Poppies
2k1.5.53 - 'Cornfield with Poppies' - 66x54


All pictures Copyright © Marcus Harrison 2001-2011, London.