Lerryn Seagull Race - 2005

Seagull Race, Cornwall

Time: Saturday, January 9th 2005...
Place: the village of Lerryn in Cornwall...
Mission: to succeed where others fail...

When the going gets tough, the tough get going... and in true competitive spirit around 45 entrants lined
up with their Seagulls on the quayside at Lerryn. What started out as idle banter in a local pub many
years ago has turned into one of Cornwall's first events of the year, set in the magical surrounds of Lerryn.

In past years Seagulls have been strung to bathtubs, powered canoes, propelled contraptions constructed of
scaffolding, as well as more traditional looking craft. Proceeds from the charity race usually go to the RNLI...
Particularly significant in the life of folks in Cornwall as the county is surrounded by sea on two sides.

Seagull Race Spectators - 21k
It's that time of year again... time for Seagull Racing.
Launching Seagull - 20k
As long as it floats and is powered by a Seagull...
Seagull Race competitors - 16k
Competitors are briefed by the Master of Ceremonies...
Norman Douglas - 18k
MC and Race organiser Norman Douglas.

Scramble for boats - 12k
Let battle commence... and head for the water.
They're off...
In the scrum to start everyone forgets the cold day.
Starting Seagull Engine - 14k
But there's the matter of kicking your Seagull into life...
Grounded boat - 15k

Or not... if you are unlucky..


Photographs Copyright © 2005, Marcus Harrison