Growing Under Glass, Sue Stickland Growing Under Glass:
without using chemicals

by Sue Stickland
pub. Search Press, 2002
Paperback, 64 pages, 7.95
ISBN 1-903975-43-3

Everything a gardener would want to know about the basics of greenhouse gardening is contained within the 64 pages of Stickland's large size paperback which is produced in association with ADAS - from the choosing, siting and planning a greenhouse to the flowers and vegetables you might want to grow.

In the detail the reader will find all the essentials for making good decisions in unheated greenhouses. For example, when choosing a greenhouse considering the height [essential for crops like tomatoes], guttering and ventilation; the watering systems you might want to use, hygiene in the greenhouse, feeding and potential pests and diseases which might affect your crops. The ADAS connection ensures that the emphasis is on organic, chemical-free plant production.

The basics of raising plants from seeds and cuttings are covered, and include some excellent and simple tables on the best ways to take stem cuttings from shrubs, conditions for rooting, sowing conditions for vegetable and half-hardy annuals, and sowing, planting and harvesting times for vegetables and salad crops; tables which make excellent reference points and bypass the need to read paragraphs of text.

Of course with a greenhouse you can raise more exotic items - even in an unheated greenhouse - and Stickland has notes on raising aubergines, sweet peppers, courgettes and grapes among others.

The excellent photographs come into their own in the section on pests and diseases which should help any gardener unfamiliar with such problems indentify what is troubling their plants. Nutrient problems and general physical disorders - such as waterlogging and damage from gas or paraffin heaters - are also covered.

Bottom line...
An excellent introduction to greenhouses and particularly for those who want to minimize the use of chemicals on their crops. Well laid out and easy to digest content make this an invaluable guide for novice plantsmen.

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