Drawing Scenery, Giovanni Civardi Darwing Scenery:
landscapes, seascapes & buildings

by Giovanni Civardi
pub. Search Press, 2002
Paperback, 64 pages, 8.99
ISBN 1-903975-10-7

The content of this large format paperback [in it's first UK edition] will have a particular resonance with regulars on the website, concentrating as it does on landscapes and seascapes.

Well suited to beginners of scenery drawing the book's opening sections take the reader through the basics of linear and aerial perspective, composition, and drawing techniques before leading naturally into the main subject area of the book - landscapes, seascapes and buildings.

Rather than concentrating on the 'whole' scene Civardi breaks his subject into certain details and subjects that make up an overall scene... light, water, trees [some lovely drawings of gnarled tree trunks are included] and vegetation, clouds and sky, and figures and animals, with only the final pages in the book really looking at landscapes and seascapes as a whole.

Bottom line...
The text has been translated well from the Italian and reads easily; the tone of teaching being 'suggestive' rather than dictatorial, and for that very reason should appeal to landscape drawing beginners. Advanced artists won't find anything here that they do not already know.

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