Draw Wild Animals 1-2-3 Draw Wild Animals
by Freddie Levin
pub. Peel Productions, 2002
Distributed by Search Press
Paperback, 64 pages, 6.95
ISBN 0 939217 42 2

To be honest the review copy of this sat around my home for several weeks before I felt an urge to write. There was a bit of disappointment in expectation upon its arrival. But please bear with me...

What I had imagined this book contained was some definitive instructions about how to draw various animals beautifully. What I found was rather simplistic step bt step executions of cuddly bears, tigers and such like.

In fact that turns out to be one of the benefits of this book. It does not assume or require great artistic skill on the part of the reader, just a wish to be creative.

The method Levin uses to create her animals is a simple build up of circles, ovals and egg shapes to create the body mass, and then colour in the detail. Some of the animals may seem obscure to UK readers... the Skunk or Wolf for example, while other animals like the Giraffe are confined to zoos. Unfortunately there are no wild birds or other animals like mice, otters or frogs.

Bottom line...
Should come in useful for parents who need to entertain their kids... either through demonstration of some of the animals included, or just letting the kids explore creativity on their own.

Copyright © 2002