Search Press have sent some details of this book due for publication in November. It looks like an interesting book for any craft-minded person who wants to create 'living' willow structures in the garden, or is perhaps looking for an extra source of income. According to Search Press there is currently no other book on this subject.

The text below is copied directly from the Search Press' information sheet for your information.

Living Willow Sculpture by Peter Ford
pub. Search Press, 2000
Paperback, 292x216mm, 48 pages, 7.95
ISBN 0 85532 834 7

Front cover - 18k

Willow is an exciting material to work with. It is adaptable, easy to work with, and it will grow in a range of soils. Its quick growth gives almost immediate results and, as there is a great variety of leaf shape and stem colour, structures look attractive throughout the year. Jon Warnes shows how to build a wonderful selection of decorative, functional and fun objects for the garden.

Children will enjoy making and playing in wigwams, domes and tunnels. More advanced projects, suitable for adults, include fences, chairs and arbours.

Jon Warnes discusses the tools you need, planting the willow, joining, grafting and weaving in detail, and includes other makers' work in different styles to inspire you to create your own designs.

Contents: Introduction, Materials and Equipment, Working with Willow - Planning a Project, Planting, Joining and Grafting, Weaving - Care and Maintenance, Step-by-step projects, Wigwams and Domes, Fences and Tunnels, Chairs, Arbours and Bowers, Advanced Structures, Conclusion, Index.


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