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Hawthorns & Medlars by Phipps, O'Kennon & Lance [2003]
Weeds in My Garden by Charles B Heiser [2003]
Edible & Poisonous Mushrooms of the World by Hall, Stephenson et al. [2003]
Training the Sheep Dog by Thomas Longton & Barbara Sykes [New Pb. Ed. 2003]
Border Terriers by Frank & Jean Jackson [New Pb. Ed. 2003]
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels by John Evans [New Pb. Ed. 2003]

Drawing Scenery: landscapes, seascapes & buildings by Giovanni Civardi [2002]
The Acrylic Painter's Pocket Palette by Ian Sidaway [2002]
Creative Acrylic Techniques by Wendy Jelbert [2002]
1-2-3 Draw Wild Animals by Freddie Levin [2001]
Hand Made in Britain: The Visitors Guide by Victoria Pybus [2002]
Creative Landscape Photography by Niall Benvie [2001]
How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal by Claudia Nice [2001]
The Watercolourist's Nature Journal by Jill Bays [2001]
Painting Wildlife Textures: Step by Step by Rod Lawrence [New in Paperback 2001]
Natural Watercolours: Painting from Nature Made Easy by Richard Taylor [New in paperback 2001]
Flower Painting Through the Seasons by Ann Blockley [2001]

OS Interactive Atlas of Great Britain, 5th Ed. [2001] SOFTWARE
Collins Wildlife Trust Guide to the Weather of Britain & Europe by David M Ludlum [2001]
Walk the Dales by Brian Spencer [2001]
Walks through History in the Heart of England by Roger Seedhouse [2001]
Exploring The Lakes & Low Fells by Bill Birkett [2001]
North-West Highlands by Norman Newton [2001]
Loch Lomondside by John Mitchell [2001]
Yorkshire Dales: The Official National Park Guide by Colin Speakman [2001]
Coast-to-Coasting by John Gillham & Ronald Turnbull [2000]
Yesterday's Countryside: Country Life as it Really was by Valerie Porter [2000]
Discovery Tapes' 'e[x]plore Cotswolds' [2000]
A Right to Roam by Marion Shoad [1999]. Reviewed by Terry Marsh.
Rambler's Guide: Ben Nevis & Glen Coe by Chris Townsend [2000]
Loch Lomond & The Trossachs by Rennie McOwan [2000]
The Peak District: The Official National Park Guide by Roly Smith [2000]
Tales from the Country Estates - by John Bailey [1999]
Yorkshire Dales & Moors: Youth Hosteller's Walking Guide by Martin Hanks [1997]

Practical Cheesemaking by Kathy Biss [2002]
Food for Free by Richard Mabey [2001]
A Taste of Damsons by Victoria Barratt [1997]

The Bellamy Herbal by David Bellamy [2003]
The Natural History of a Garden by Colin Spedding & Geoffrey Spedding [2003]
The Smallholder's Manual by Katie Thear [2002]
Hydroponics: soilless gardening explained by Les Bridgewood [2003]
Growing Under Glass: without using chemicals by Sue Stickland [2002]
Plant a Natural Woodland by Charlotte de la Bedoyere [2001]
Cool Composting: a fresh approach by Peter Harper [2001]
Living Willow Sculpture - Notes on Nov. 2000 publication awaiting review.
Controlling Weeds: without using chemicals by Dr. Jo Readman [2000]
Collins Home Farm Handbook by Peter Ford [2000]
Change That Garden by Helen Levien [2000]
All About Compost: Recycling household & garden waste by Pauline Pears [1999]
Grow Your Own Fruit by Ken Muir [1999, 2nd ed.]
Growing and Using HERBS by Andi Clevely & Katherine Richmond [1999]
The Small Ecological Garden by Sue Stickland [1996]

Reader's Digest Guide to Britain's Wildlife, Plants & Flowers Ed. Michael Wright [2002]
Collins' British Wildlife: The Essential Beginner' Guide [2002]
Photographing Wild Birds by Chris Gomersall [2001]
Amphibians and Reptiles by Trevor Beebee and Richard Griffiths [2000]
Gardening for Birds by Stephen Moss [2000]
Garden Bird Songs and Calls by Geoff Sample [2000]
The Wildlife Trusts' Nature Reserves Guide - Ed. Geoffrey Young [1999]
Kingfisher Guide to the Wildlife of Britain & Europe - Michael Chinery, Gen. Ed. [1996]

The Ancient Yew by Robert Bevan-Jones [2002]
Collins Gem Wild Flowers by Martin Walters [2002]
Trees of Britain & Northern Europe - Collins Field Guide, by Alan Mitchell [1978]
Trees of Britain and Northern Europe - Collins Pocket Guide, by Alan Mitchell & John Wilkinson [Reprinted 2001]
Reader's Digest Field Guide to the Trees & Shrubs of Britain [New in Paperback 2001]
Reader's Digest Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain [New in Paperback 2001]
Collins How to Identify Wild Flowers by Christopher Grey-Wilson & Lisa Alderson [2000]
The Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers by John Akeroyd [1999]
The Complete Illustrated Herbal by David Hoffman [1999]
The Wild Flowers of the British Isles by Ian Garrard & David Streeter [1998]
Kingfisher Guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools - David Pegler [1998]

SAS Active Library Mountain Skills by Barry Davies [2001]
SAS Active Library Emergency Medic by Barry Davies [2001]
The Narrowboat Builder's Handbook, 3rd ed. by Graham Booth [1999]
Stem to Stern: The Modern Narrowboat Explained by Emrhys Barrell [2000]

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