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Welcome to Countrylovers.co.uk - your one-stop information shop when visiting, living or working in Britain's Countryside. Bookmark us now for future reference.

Within these pages you'll find information and contacts for a whole variety of things about the local countryside community... From sourcing suppliers of homemade products or country crafts, accommodation or a location for business lunches, book reviews, 'profiles' of people working from the countryside, even car and bicycle rental.

And remember, there are lots of things to DO in Britain's beautiful countryside and plenty of places to visit.

The site continues to grow in size but will benefit from your input. So, feel free to pass on the Countrylovers.co.uk URL and let us know, too, of your suggestions for additions, or about presentation.

If you would like your own web pages hosted on the Countrylovers site please drop us an e-mail.

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